Apr 1

WCF Simple Example - Dennis van der Stelt

Apr 1

double-checked lockingとSingletonパターン

OS X 復元ディスクアシスタント

Understanding Bidirectional (BIDI) Text in Unicode

How To Save Gmail Messages To Google Drive : "THE SHIFT" IN EDUCATION

Journeys connecting the dots turned 2 today!

Journeys connecting the dots turned 2 today!

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Create Google Document from Gmail - Google Applications at Berkeley Lab - Berkeley Lab Commons

正直な話、Windows Azureって、どうですか?(1/4):企業のIT・経営・ビジネスをつなぐ情報サイト EnterpriseZine (EZ)

Comparing iOS and Android MDM Protocol Design Philosophies, by James Seibel


Mobile Device Management (“MDM”) is an infrastructure protocol for executing privileged commands on mobile devices. At Apperian, we view MDM as infrastructure technology that enables administrators to take full advantage of features already included on devices. The MDM specifications are provided…


Mar 4

In, Out, In-Out, Make Up Your Mind Already - Fabulous Adventures In Coding - Site Home - MSDN Blogs

OpenSSL and IPv6 []

Ruby 2.1がガベージコレクションを変更,大規模システムでの批判に対処

Google 主な検索アルゴリズム/検索技術 変更の歴史 7 1選::SEM R (#SEMR)

AppleがMacBook AirのSSDをリコール&無償交換開始、確認方法まとめ - GIGAZINE